A Roadmap for Grief and Loss

If you do an internet search about grief, loss, or bereavement, many sites will talk about the stages of grief. Are there five? Seven? In any case, we all want to know what those stages are, so that we can predict what our experience might be, and perhaps see some light at the end of […]

Kate Spade, Suicide & Stigma

I am sad about Kate’s Spade’s death, and sad that another person has died by suicide. As she was a celebrity, her death and the varied reactions to it have been very public. While I have read many supportive comments for her and her family, many others have been laced with judgement and unkindness.  The […]

Mother’s Day & Grief

Holidays may remind us to celebrate what we have, but they can also ignite our grief for what we have lost. Many face a Mother’s Day without a mom. Their stories vary. Their mom might have died recently or long ago. Some lost their mothers when they were still children. Others are estranged from their […]

Loss, Grief and Self-Blame

I went to see Foxtrot today, an intense and moving Israeli film about grief and loss which was directed by Samuel Maoz. At the film’s onset a mother and father learn that their son, a soldier, has died in the line of duty. You can watch the trailer here There is much that I could […]