Complicated Grief, Defined & Discussed

How can we tell when grief has become complicated? We don’t want to pathologize the grieving process. We know that grief plays out differently for each person. We also want to provide the right help and resources for those who might be in need. This is a great recent article about complicated grief. Please read, […]

Differentiating Between Grief and Clinical Depression

There is ongoing controversy about the diagnosis of Complicated Grief, and the underlying reasons for this are good ones. It is vital that we recognize that there is no timetable for grief, and that each person’s mourning process will look different. Much care must be taken not to pathologize a person’s grieving process. While most […]

Complicated Grief: Diagnosis and Treatment

This article in the New York Times gives an interesting overview of Complicated Grief and treatment possibilities. The main subject sought treatment at the Columbia University Center for Complicated Grief after mourning for her husband for nine years. Her grief was deemed to be complicated as the intensity of her pain was still severe after […]